These tests are meant to provide a common platform for benchmarking the performance of over 20 crore secondary and higher secondary level students in more than 10 lakh schools across India.

The test provides a standardized mechanism for evaluation of individual performance at each level of a student’s academic journey. Standardization ensures that individual merit is not limited by factors like geography and unfounded public perception.

A scholastic test also measures the level of students’ knowledge and understanding of subject matter acquired at successive stages of their school years. It helps them get to grips with areas of concern and thus enhances the likelihood of better performance.

The recent revamping of the K-12 education policy demands a fresh perspective for evaluation of competing talent because the changed policy emphasizes a unified nationwide curriculum for individual subjects and a standardized assessment formula to give nationwide scores. Since these changes have implications for students and institutions alike, all scholastic tests will reflect the policy changes and be available for institutions as well.

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