In competitive retail environments, winning companies are continually searching for ways to distinguish themselves from their competitors. One of the best ways to do this is by staffing stores with sales associates who enjoy serving the customer and selling.

Loss of productivity, cost to rehire, cost to train, loss of opportunity (sales), loss of repeat business, and damage to the morale of the existing team all make the cost of turnover very high. Identifying the best candidates with the right fit for a role can significantly impact the bottom line.

A comprehensive pre-employment selection process can measure the competencies and personality characteristics needed for performance in retail sales jobs. Envista Mindmap retail sales associate assessment and certification program seeks to provide candidates to organizations who:

  1. Enjoy the service role.

  2. Exceed customer expectations.

  3. Foster new and repeat business.

  4. Work cooperatively with others.

  5. Demonstrate integrity and a work ethic

  6. Show composure under stress.


Envista Retail Sales Associate Assessment is one of our most comprehensive sales skill and personality test which compare each candidate against a proven sales competency model. With every Sales Professional report you get:

  1. A valid and reliable screening assessment.
  2. To compare candidates to the sales competencies of thousands of other top performing salespeople.
  3. An interview guide with behavioral questions customized for each candidate.
  4. Tailor developmental assessment feedback reports targeted to organizational success.

The two aspects that are measured in this assessment tests are Integrity and Performance. The Performance assessment has been validated to predict the traits associated with successful performance on the job. The Integrity assessment has been validated to predict the attitudes, personal integrity, and work ethic in relation to being effective on the job.

The overall benefit the organization gets from using our assessment service are as follows:

  1. Reduces turnover.
  2. Improves productivity.
  3. Increases service levels.

The system of assessment is professionally developed, fair to the job candidate, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or other special status, and are legally defensible.

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