Hiring personnel for Insurance sales is a challenging task. It requires a equitable mix of technical know-how and sales acumen. The job is specialized and hence optimal domain knowledge and natural selling ability are required. The assessment test-cum certificate program for Insurance sales personnel collects and rates key information about the experienced candidates and relays it in a manner suitable to the job requirement. The information presented to the client include:

  1. Current occupation, recent employment history, and financial status.

  2. Experience selling life, health, and P&C insurance; annuities; and investment products.

  3. A description of their typical clients and markets.

  4. Professional achievements such as licenses held and certifications.

  5. Education

  6. Performance on the pre-designed aptitude and attitude test.


This information is used to rate each experienced candidate's likelihood of future success. Managers receive an easy-to-read report that compares the candidate to an office's unique profile, allowing them to quickly review the match on key indicators, including:

  1. Sales activity.

  2. Client profile.

  3. Target markets.

  4. Licenses and certifications.

  5. Performance and candidness displayed in the tests.

Managers also receive a rating of the candidate's success potential, as well as crucial success indicators and performance concerns.

  1. Increase applicant pool while preventing résumé overload.

  2. Reduce sales force turnover.

  3. Increase sales productivity.

  4. Minimize compliance risks/misleading sales practices .

  5. Improve licensing pass rates.

  6. Measure a candidate's natural market.

  7. Measure sales management potential.

  8. Uncover sales competencies and behaviors.

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