Every individual wishes to excel in life. But wishes are not horses. In order to excel in the professional world of our times, one has to compete, i.e. one has to outperform one’s rival aspirants.

Since the aggregate demand for professional training opportunities in the higher education sector in India far outstrips their supply, and the gap keeps growing with time, the competition to grab the opportunities gets more intense by the day. Getting admitted to a good engineering or management college, for instance, has become a herculean task. The level of competency possessed and displayed by a student must be high not only in relative but also in absolute terms, and one’s academic and practical performance must necessarily reflect a high level of preparedness at all stages of one’s career path, beginning with studentship.

ENVISTA COMPETENCE ASSESSMENT TEST(S), or E-CAT, is a tool for the student to acquire and sustain a high level of preparedness for professional competition. E-CATs test the students for their verbal, quantitative, reasoning and GK skills in a modular format, covering specific or grouped topics. Assistance and evaluation are part of the test-taking regime at all stages of a student’s preparatory years. The tests are divided into two categories/levels.

  1. Test at + 2 level.

  2. Tests at Graduation.

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