Envista Career Map (ECM) is a unique career-shaping program for school students who have completed at least Class VII or an equivalent stage of education. Eligible students must be 14 or above. ECM assesses a student’s professional potential and personality features employing scientifically designed tests. The assessment is used to identify the best possible career option for a student.

ECM employs an array of objective-type tests to help the students gauge their strengths and weaknesses. The tests can be taken at any stage—and at successive stages--of one’s formal education. A student’s performance in these tests is used to make an estimate of the unique combination of pluses and minuses that he or she possesses at the stage tested. The estimate is matched with possibly-suited career options to identify the best-suited career option at that stage. Test results for successive stages have an added advantage: they let students assess the soundness of career choices made at any early stage. The validity of the methodology and results of these diagnostic tests is affirmed throughout the world. ECM is a test that enables the student.

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