Envista Mindmap Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s private educational testing and evaluation services organization. The organization develops and administers various kinds of academic, aptitude and personality assessment tests required for schools, colleges, specific curricula, careers and institutions.

Globalization has brought about awareness of new-age careers leading to unique testing methodologies and consolidation of existing ones to match global standards and make them internationally palatable. The transition from offline to online testing mode is also indicative of the transformation in the testing arena.

Envista Mindmap Services Pvt. Ltd was conceived to cater to individuals as well as organizational needs for validating knowledge levels and skill sets and to prove job capabilities. The organization seeks to assess minimum competencies and validate professional credentials through rigorous test development and delivery processes. The organization provides reliable, secure and thorough testing services which maintain the integrity of the testing process and help individuals and organizations achieve standardized benchmarking.

The tests so designed are used by individuals for checking their academic quotient and measuring their skills for employability and corporate customers for pre-recruitment and employee assessments.


  1. Honesty in dealings and maintaining Integrity in activities, processes and systems.

  2. Recognizing people for their individual skills and knowledge and harnessing their potential for a symbiotic association.

  3. Respecting the client needs and ensuring their issue are addressed forthwith.

  4. Meticulous planning, thorough research and systematic collation of information to ensure full-proof, error-free, reliable testing products for one and all.

Disclaimer Envista Mindmap Services Pvt. Ltd
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